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My Healing Journey

_Healing Eczema is Possible__._21 months

In 2017 I began to suffer from a condition called Red Skin Syndrome caused by Topical Steroid Addiction/Withdrawal (TSW). I was able to heal this condition, chronic eczema and other symptoms with the Medical Medium information incorporating only healing foods & supplements.

Almost every single skin condition comes from the liver. The intestinal tract often becomes involved by default in a forced collaboration; however, conditions labeled eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, lupus, cellulitis, vitiligo, age spots, other discolorations, and more start and end with the liver.

Skin issues start as unwanted guests in the liver. What type of skin condition develops depends on what type of poison or pathogen is there and how much has built up.

The skin reactions form because as the pathogen feeds off its desired food, it also eliminates it, releasing a much more toxic form creating the rashes or “dermatoxins”.

Due to modern lifestyle, most people have a sluggish liver, so toxins easily back up into the lymphatic system and reverse course back into the bloodstream which surfaces to the skin.

My journey is documented on instagram and I had a story published in The Sun I added below.

My Approach
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