1. Before your visit

Please fill out the New Patient Form. The more thorough you can be, the more accurate our diagnosis and the better your overall outcome. Be sure to eat something within two hours of your visit. If possible, minimize your caffeine intake prior to your appointment. It is always best to wear loose and comfortable clothes.


2. During your visit

You healing starts as soon as you enter the clinic. It is a quiet and comfortable space where you can leave the rest of your day behind you and just let go. You will feel cared for and heard. We will wit and thoroughly discuss your current health concerns and past health history.

Plan 60-90 minutes for your first visit. You will then receive a gentle acupuncture treatment in a peaceful environment which will last from 20-45 minutes depending on what your body needs at that visit. We try our best to rely on points along your arms and legs that can be reached with loose-fitting clothes. That said, some problems require you to undress to some degree (you will never be asked to fully undress). Expect to be wrapped in a towel or sheet. If it’s cold, you could also be covered with a blanket. 

Once the session is done, expect a verbal or written treatment plan with suggestions that are beneficial to your health and concern(s).


3. After your visit

Patients often feel very relaxed and some feel energized.

Keep yourself well hydrated.

Never hesitate to call or email me for any questions, or concerns.