Nutritional Counseling

Food Is The Best Medicine

We all know the famous Hippocratic Oath “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

But in today’s fast-food world, how would you know what food to take for what? How can food be medicine?

This is where Catherine’s own recent experience recovering from chronic illnesses with healing foods can now, in return, benefit your health.

She thought she had learned everything she had to know about nutrition during her studies but there’s so much more to know.

Thankfully, she recently learned with the help of her mentor, Anthony William, new information about healing foods that breaks out of the box of our modern-day understanding of nutrition.

Catherine often talk about healing foods during her sessions and for more in depth questions/discussions about how nutrition can optimize your health, nutritional counseling sessions are also offered and can be done in person or via phone.

By focusing on each person's individually and their specific health conditions and goals, Catherine can recommend the best optimal dietary guidelines for each client.

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