Inflammation is a term that is used too liberally and given as an answer if you are suffering from pain by the medical & alternative communities.

Inflammation is a lazy term and never the answer itself, but rather a sign that there is a greater problem taking place in the body.

There are only two reasons behind inflammation, and sometimes both at once.

The first one is injury such as sports injury, or other types of injury including dental work, slipping on ice in the winter time or accidentally burning or cutting yourself.

If a physical injury is not to blame for your inflammation, than you will be dealing with an invader. Invasion is the other reason the body can get inflamed, and in the case of chronic inflammation, the invader is a pathogen.

Medical communities don’t have the tools yet to detect the many varieties and strains of viruses such as EBV, HHV-6 and shingles and bacteria such as strep that are present in the body.

These invaders, which sometimes also cause injury by damaging tissue, are the real sources of your body’s inflammatory responses. Your body is never attacking itself.

Any antibodies present, even if they’re labeled autoantibodies, are really there to attack a pathogen and attend to repair, and heal tissue injured by that pathogen.

Per example, viruses release their own poisons such as neurotoxins, which go after the nerves and contribute to inflammation.

Virus cells themselves can escape your liver and go after weak spots, which is how you can find yourself with an old injury that either won’t heal or flares up for no apparent reason.

Acupuncture in conjunction with supportive foods & supplements will give you the best chances to heal acute or chronic inflammation faster.

I can help you with either causes of inflammation.

If you don’t have an invader and suffer from a physical injury type of inflammation, acupuncture alone can do wonders.

If you suffer from chronic inflammation, I will want to work with you on bringing anti-inflammatory foods & possibly supplements to help kill pathogens along with acupuncture treatments to ease pain and support your internal organs functions.

But we can also work virtually if you can’t make it to my office; Healing foods & supplements is necessary to allow recovery & healing of your chronic symptoms & inflammation.

(some information written above is sourced from the Medical Medium:

Muscle & Joint Pain / Inflamation