Do you feel stuck with symptoms that wont go away? Or maybe you have been given pharmaceuticals for your symptoms without truly understanding the causes behind them and how to truly heal.Trust me I know how you feel!


Do you find your too exhausted to research all the information out there whilst getting conflicting information about whats caused your health issue?

Do you feel like there is no hope? Confused about what to eat, what supplements to take and why your condition might not be improving?

When I was going through my health crisis I had a health coach that inspired me and taught me how to navigate all the information and diagnose my treatments in the most effective way possible. Well after years of studying all the information in traditional Chinese medicine,herbal remedies, nutrition, the best supplements, the causes of chronic illness and inflammation , every eczema treatment available on earth I can now help you to heal. 


After using topical Steroids all of my life I was able to completely stop using any creams to treat my eczema and healed the source of the problem using all the methods I will counsel you on during our online sessions.

I'm here to help you move forward with with your life and help you understand the healing power of your body and treat the root cause of your health problems so you can begin to heal. 

Lets work together on improving your health by evaluating what foods, medications and  lifestyle choices your currently doing and how you can improve on those so you can begin to heal and become the vibrant person you are.


Allowing your body heal and giving your body the right foundation to heal will be the path to your pain free and happy life that you deserve.

Personalized Online Health Counseling

With Catherine and Claudia

We know and believe that laying a strong nutritional foundation is the first step in any healing plan, that's why I teamed up with Clauda. 

Claudia is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and her interest in nutrition came as a result of witnessing the healing power of food on her own children from life threatening allergies and chronic digestive and neurological conditions.


Claudia is certified in Biomagnetism I and II and A.R.T. with Dr. Klinghardt and has studied and tested different diets, including the Gap’s diet, which she learned at the beginning of her journey with the support and mentoring of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, Paleo diets, Medical Medium Diets, etc. Claudia is currently working on her Emotion Code certification.


I am passionate about energy medicine and use and recommend acupuncture as well as frequency and microcurrent devices like Healy to complement a good nutritional plan. Muscle testing is a big part of my work since I believe in customizing each and every diet and supplement plan.


I was born and raised in a small town in Mexico and besides speaking fluent Spanish I bring the experience and perspective of witnessing health at any age.


I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and two older teenage boys.