Weight Gain

How many of you have tried different diets in the hope to loose weight? Probably most of us!
The truth is that diet books are not written in a way to understand why weight gain happens.
Maybe you would be surprise to hear that weight gain is really about the liver and is not a result of slow metabolism. While two other factors, the thyroid and the adrenals, can often be involved, its important to remember that they both lead back to the liver which comes down to how fast or sluggish your liver functions and how overburden it is.

When the liver is too overloaded with troublemakers such as toxic heavy metals, DDT, other pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, solvents, plastics, industrial chemicals, viral explosion, other pathogens along with their byproduct, it takes valuable fat storage and toxin storage space from your liver. Therefore, the reality is that for most people, the liver simply has too much to do so whatever the liver can't handle, it will sends it off to the lymphatic system and/or start putting fat out from your liver to store the excess temporarily in your belly or waist in order to protect you: to prevent fat from getting through and gathering in your arteries and your heart, to prevent cholesterol from building, to prevent insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes from occurring, and so much more.
The correlation between thyroid issues and weight gain is because thyroids issues are viral over 95% of the time, and chronic viral infection weakens and burdens the liver.

When the liver gets damaged by viral activity and overloaded with its waste matter, it can't filter as it's meant to, which leads to eventual weight gain.

The adrenal-liver link has to do when we are faced with a level of excess adrenaline that will sets off a chain reaction that can lead to weight gain. In order to shield you from excess adrenaline's corrosive effects, the liver sponges the adrenaline and if the liver isn't in top shape, it can't flush it all out. Instead, it must store it to keep the load off the liver.

Addressing the factors that burdens the liver such as viral load, adrenal strains, and toxic exposure will facilitate weight loss.

Acupuncture can be very supportive for the liver to do it's functions properly along with healing foods and supplementing with herbs to address the factors that burdens the liver.

Step by step, when healing the liver from troublemakers through gentle detoxification, and once your liver restores its glycogen reserves instead of fat, adrenaline or viral load, you will be able to loose weight. Meanwhile, healing has to come first so be kind and patient from the social pressure around appearance; the excess weight is here to save us. Our bodies are always trying to heal and work for us.

Most of the information above was taken from the Liver Rescue book by the Medical Medium. To find out more, go to www.medicalmedium.com