Anxiety & Stress

Far to often our emotional struggles are blamed on our improper mind-set or hormones. While mind-set is crucial, when anxiety or stress are not stand-alone and accompanies other symptoms such as chest tightness, nauseous feeling, irritability, panic, “buzzing” feeling, and other chronic symptoms, chances are you are experiencing physical anxiety.
Part of that physical anxiety are behind viral neurotoxins that are saturating and inflaming the vagus nerve (which runs to the brain), along with elevated levels of toxic heavy metals.

Everyone has a unique cocktail of toxins inside their body which can be the true cause behind mood struggles. The toxic load that some people carry is more disruptive to neurotransmitters and neurons inside the brain, and that’s part of what accounts for the variability in mental health causing irritability, anxiousness, anxiety, mood swings, and more.
General moodiness usually results from an all-around overload of toxins in the body, both a cause and a result of a stagnant, sluggish liver.

The liver plays a huge role in our emotional state of being. In Chinese Medicine, the liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (energy) but when that function is impaired because of how burdened our livers become from years of toxin exposure and not eating well, our emotions are also impaired.

Everyone has stress, but if you feel your emotions take the best out of you, know that acupuncture and/or implementing a healing protocol through a healthy diet and supplementation can support your internal organs, smooth your liver’s energy and reduce the toxins load that damages your nerves, neurotransmitters & neurons.

Some information above have been taken from the Medical Medium, for more information go to

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